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Hat Trick for Reading Program

The Gwinnett Gladiators 2013-2014 “Hat Trick for Reading” Program is designed to help stimulate interest in reading among Elementary and Middle School aged children in the many Public, Private, and Home School groups in our area.

Each student will be given a form that includes a Gladiators bookmark and asked to read at least three books during a specified time period (generally four to six weeks.) It will be up to the teacher to determine appropriate reading materials. After students read their books, they will be required to submit to the teacher “proof” they read their book (i.e. essay, report, etc.). As books are read, the teacher verifies by initialing a designated space on each bookmark.

After the Hat Trick for Reading Program is completed, each school will provide the Gladiators with a number of students who “scored a Reading Hat Trick”. The Gladiators will then provide the appropriate amount of ticket vouchers to the teacher for distribution to these students.

The Gladiators Elementary Hat Trick for Reading program is presented by Dr. Bill Williams, Dr. Jeremy Smith, Dr. Blazej Golik, and Dr. Chad Schalk of Suwanee Dental Care.

ELEMENTARY & MIDDLE SCHOOLS: The "Hat Trick for Reading” program, sponsored by Suwanee Dental Care, has been designed to help stimulate reading interest in area Elementary and Middle Schools. Students will score a "Hat Trick" and earn (1) Gladiators ticket voucher for reading one set of three teacher-approved books during the school year. This season, "Hat Trick for Reading" Award Nights are Friday, October 18th, Saturday, October 19th, and Sunday, November 3rd. Please note, the “Hat Trick for Reading” program will incorporate ALL local Elementary and Middle Schools and Home School groups. There is NOT a stand alone Middle School night this year. In addition, parents and other family members will have the option of purchasing additional game tickets to that same game at discounted prices. (Please refer to the promotional outline your school has for complete details and restrictions.)

For more information about how your school can benefit from the Gladiators Hat Trick for Reading Program, please contact Jim Hall, Director of Community Relations, at (770) 497-5109 or via e-mail at

Special Thanks to the 160+ local Public, Private, and Home School Groups that participated in the “Hat Trick for Reading” program during the 2012-2013 Season.