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Getting to Know: Rick Emmett
Friday, September 27, 2013

Rick Emmett is undoubtedly no stranger to Glads Nation. Fans who have been with the team since "the early days" remember the Gladiators Head Coach for his gritty play on the ice and huge heart off. For those of you who have joined the family more recently, you know "Emmer" as a commanding presence behind the bench. During his two years as an Assistant Coach with the organization, Rick focused on expanding his expertise and knowledge in preparation for the opportunity which presented itself this summer.

As we gear up for our eleventh season in Gwinnett, join us as we present "Getting to Know...Rick Emmett." This weekly segment will consist of a series of clips designed to provide a revealing look at the man behind the suit, if you will. Youíll laugh, youíll cry, youíll get to know Rick Emmett.

In Session 8, our final installment, Coach Emmett talks nicknames, both his and others...

Please click HERE to listen.

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